Challenger, J. D.
Dubois, Tom
Dyke, Larry
Gentry, Michael
Glazier, Nancy
Gordon, L.
Harvey, G.
Hatfield, Don
Hunt, Alan M.
Kieffer, Christa
Miller, David
Powell, John
Schmidt, Bill
Stromquist, Gordon
Summers, Robert
Title, Christian
Vann, Donald

Welcome,  thank you for visiting.  Please choose an artist below to see what we have available.  Please contact us with any questions before purchasing.

         J.D. Challenger                                  Tom Dubois                                               Larry Dyke

                                      Michael Gentry                                                 Nancy Glazier

                     L. Gordon                                           G. Harvey                                        Don Hatfield

                Alan H
unt                                       Christa Kieffer                                         David Miller


                  John Powell                                       Bill Schmidt                                   Gordon Stromquist

                Robert Summers                                   Christian Title                                       Donald Vann


With the exception of the art by Gordon Stormquist, all of the art listed is estate art.   Most pieces are mint.  Some are matted and/or framed.  
Inquire before purchasing.  We will
inspect each piece and/or send additional photographs.