Harvey, G.
Challenger, J. D.
Dubois, Tom
Dyke, Larry
Gentry, Michael
Glazier, Nancy
Gordon, L.
Harvey, G.
Hatfield, Don
Hunt, Alan M.
Kieffer, Christa
Miller, David
Powell, John
Schmidt, Bill
Stromquist, Gordon
Summers, Robert
Title, Christian
Vann, Donald

G. Harvey

Childhood Memories

20" x 24"   Limited Edition S/N AP on Paper
$ 200.00 (insured shipping $20) 

Double Dips
9" x 12"   Limited Edition S/N on Canvas
Framed - $250.00 (insured shipping $35) 

Men of the Great Northwest

20" x 33.5"   Limited Edition S/N on Paper
$ 350.00 (insured shipping $20)

Morning Market

21" x 26.5"   Limited Edition S/N on Paper
$ 350.00 (insured shipping $20) 

Quincy Market

32.5" x 26"   Limited Edition S/N Serigraph on Paper
$ 400.00 (insured shipping $25) 

We the People

22" x 29"   Limited Edition S/N Special Edition on Paper
$ 350.00 (insured shipping $20) 

With the exception of the art by Gordon Stormquist, all of the art listed is estate art.   Most pieces are mint.  Some are matted and/or framed.   Inquire before purchasing.  We will inspect each piece and/or send additional photographs.